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07.2021 comes into force. This means that the old regulations will still apply until then. Online casinos are therefore not officially allowed to operate in Germany, even if controls by the authorities are rare. Schleswig-Holstein is an exception. If you live in this state, you can play legally in officially licensed online casinos. This is because the northern state has taken its own path in terms of gambling and has issued gambling licenses.

In principle, the federal government had strived for all 16 federal states to pull together when it comes to gaming in Germany. Therefore, online casinos are not officially allowed to operate in 15 of them. Only Schleswig-Holstein has pulled out and has taken a special route. It is the only German federal state to have issued gambling licenses to online casinos so that they were officially allowed to operate. With this, the federal state stood up against the others, but came close to the European approach.

The licenses that Schleswig-Holstein issued to online casinos are still valid. This means that in the northern state, residents can play in officially licensed casinos without hesitation. The casinos themselves have to pay taxes on their winnings so that the state gets some of their work. In principle, it is also possible for other companies to acquire appropriate licenses and thus secure the right to operate in Germany.

Online casinos are of course also very popular and offer roughly the same chances of winning as a conventional casino. For example, if you decide on roulette and bet on the color black or red, you have a chance of winning at just under 50 percent. With a little luck, some games can actually pay off. In the long run, it will be the casino that will win. Nevertheless, there is always the possibility of a profit.

When it comes to gambling, it is always important to find the right balance between risk, chance of winning, profit and the capital invested. What does that mean?

When the stakes are relatively small and the amount that can be won is very high, the risk can be worth it. In this case, the loss is limited. This is especially the case with the popular lottery, for example. In sports betting, on the other hand, it can be very different, because instinct and knowledge of the individual sports are also important here.

In the casino you can have a high chance of winning, especially with games like roulette. Those who know the game well and have played it a few times will also have an advantage.

So that playing can really be fun, you should always pay attention to the right ratio!

So it is not so easy to say which game of chance you have the greatest chance of winning. So you will certainly have a better chance of winning a slightly higher amount in games such as poker, roulette or blackjack than in the popular lottery games. Nevertheless, there is the possibility of winning a significantly higher amount with Lotto. So it is best to spread the risk and possibly decide on several competitions where the stake is relatively low. So you certainly have very good opportunities for a larger or smaller profit.

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