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Slot machines in casinos or casinos are also referred to as “small games” – in contrast to “big games”, which include poker, roulette or blackjack, for example.

Especially the famous and so-called “one-armed bandits” are known to many people when it comes to gaming machines. This name comes from a time when the gaming machines were still started with a lever.

Similar to slot machines in amusement arcades or restaurants, the aim of the game is that three to five symbols remain in a matching position. The variants of the small game also include roulette and other winning machines. The stake is usually between 1 cent and € 250.00. Winnings are paid out immediately, they can be very high with up to € 50,000.00. However, the likelihood of such a substantial profit is extremely slim.

In Germany, casinos and casinos (also called casinos) are licensed by the state, i.e. they are regularly monitored and measures to protect players are implemented (so-called “active player protection”).

A new regulation of the German market is essential.

Although the political situation has changed dramatically in recent years, so that in 2017, when a Jamaica coalition was thought of, the increasing shift to the right and progressive social decline were worried, but the legal situation for gambling finally seems to be getting more structure.

After long negotiations, an agreement was recently reached on an extensive reform of the German gaming market. Online poker and other online casino games that are still considered illegal are to be legalized. Of course, strict rules should apply to protect the players. For example, it is planned that there should be a monthly deposit limit of 1,000 euros. Gambling is supposed to become legal nationwide, but youth and player protection must be guaranteed at all times.

In addition, there should be a lock file and a gaming authority for the federal states is also being planned. This central supervisory authority should also record the lock file, among other things. The providers are obliged to make their game data available to the authority for control purposes. The aim is to check whether the course of the game has been manipulated or whether the regulatory requirements have been violated.

The North Rhine-Westphalian State Chancellery has made a significant contribution to the fact that, after years of disagreement, a breakthrough could finally be achieved. The hearing of associations will take place in February and the new state treaty will be approved by the Prime Minister in March.

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