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Another example is the advertising slogan of the state lottery companies: “From a lifelong dream to a dream life!”. Here, too, it is suggested that participating in gambling can lead to a “dream life”. This advertising practice clearly contradicts the established goal of combating addiction, since it obviously does not serve to satisfy the existing market, but rather to “win customers” and the associated increase in state revenues through lottery games.38 It is of enormous importance that this The Federal Constitutional Court decided on the question of the constitutional compatibility of the ban on gambling and emphasized that the state monopoly constitutes a serious encroachment on the fundamental right to freedom of occupation under Article 12 (1) of the Basic Law. This is only compatible with the Basic Law if the implementation of the state monopoly is consistently geared towards the goal of combating the dangers of addiction, 39 but this is precisely not the case if participation in lottery games is advertised in this way.

Second: Why is the sovereign transfer to private companies not operating a state-supervised market in which the income flows into the private sector? This is the case in the pharmaceutical and medical sector, in finance or in the production and distribution of alcohol and could easily be achieved in the area of ​​gambling. All the dangers that are said to be involved in gambling can also be found in the other areas mentioned. With the above-cited justification of the Federal Constitutional Court, the supply of alcohol by private individuals would also have to be prohibited, because – unlike in gambling – it is undisputed that alcohol has the dangers of addiction, the “serious consequences of which not only for those affected themselves, but also for their families and for the community ”are noticeable, as it is said of gambling.4

With the establishment of the data processing center and the electronic connection, source codes or reference programs for the game programs of the video lottery terminals to be connected to it must be submitted separately in advance to the Federal Minister of Finance.

Bingo and Keno are draws in which an organizer accepts and carries out bets on the chances of winning combinations of numbers, with winnings being achieved by the game participants by matching the corresponding number combinations with the determined winning numbers.

(1) Multi-stage payouts are games of chance in which the game participants can gain another chance of winning in addition to a possible win.

(1) The Federal Minister of Finance can transfer the right to carry out the draws according to Sections 6 to 12b by granting a license. The granting of a license must be preceded by a public search for interested parties, which must comply with the principles of transparency and non-discrimination. The search for interested parties must be publicly announced, whereby the announcement must contain more detailed information on the license to be transferred as well as the expression of interest and the documents that are required to be submitted as well as a reasonable deadline for the expression of interest. The Federal Minister of Finance can set up an advisory board to assess the expressions of interest.

the company is run in the legal form of a corporation with a supervisory board and its registered office is in a member state of the European Union or in a state of the European Economic Area in accordance with Paragraph 3 and the gaming operations are carried out in a form that ensures effective and comprehensive regulatory policy Supervision permitted under this federal law;

the corporation has paid-in share or share capital of at least 109 million euros, the legal origin of which is proven in a suitable manner and which are freely available to the managers for gaming operations in Germany without restriction and proven measures and are not reduced by balance sheet losses at the time of the license application have been (liability stock);

the persons who hold a stake in the concessionaire and have a controlling influence meet the requirements that are required in the interests of sound and prudent exercise of the concession and reliability in terms of regulatory policy within the meaning of Section 18 para.

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