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But this trend will only hold as long as winter air temperatures in the region are cold enough for snow in the first place. As the climate warms over the century ahead, more of today’s lake-effect snow will fall as rain instead. America’s cold-weather recreation sector has a particularly big stake in warming winters. Activities from downhill skiing to ice fishing and outdoor ice hockey all rely on low temperatures, ample snowfall, or both. Every year, winter recreation contributes billions of dollars to the United States’ economy.

A skier weaves in between trees at Mount Bohemia in the Keweenaw Peninsula. During a normal winter, ‘Boho’ can get upwards of 300″ of fresh snow. But due to a lack of snow this year, the resort finally just opened this week – its latest opening ever. Currently, a section of the Brownstone Trail heading out from the city of Bayfield is closed. The closure is between S 7th near Sea Gull Bay Motel to the intersection of the trail and Lake Shore Drive.

Come to the mountaintop this winter on the all new Winter Sport Pass and get the full experience of what Mohonk has to offer in terms of outdoor winter activities and more. Due to capacity restrictions, Ice skating reservations are only available for resort guests and residents. Only open to the public or non-rental guests by day-of, walk-up . However, due to high demand sessions are selling out and walk-up space is very limited if available at all. Due to capacity restrictions, ice skating and inner tubing are only available to resort guests, members and owners. Ice skating and rope-tow inner tubing will not be open to the public or those that do not book through Suncadia managed units or homes.

The campground is closed to overnight use during winter and the roadway is left unplowed. Contact a park ranger at the Longmire Museum or the Carbon River Ranger Station for maps and additional snowmobile information in the park. Snowshoes – Snowshoes are provided by the park only for those attending the ranger-guided snowshoe walks, and only for the duration of the walk. An optional $5.00 donation from each snowshoe walk participant helps the park provide snowshoe walks and repair and replace snowshoes.

By midcentury, every state in the contiguous United States is projected to see fewer days with low temperatures below freezing each year. How much the number of such very cold days shrinks in the decades ahead depends in large part on the amount of greenhouse gases that humans put into the atmosphere. But if emissions grow unchecked, the decline will be a steep one, with potentially dire consequences for the winter economy. Fewer below-freezing days would shorten the winter-sports season, make it harder to produce artificial snow, and decrease the number of frozen lakes and ponds. The five places where winters warmed the most are traditionally cold locations.

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