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the basics of poker

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The popularity of poker has skyrocketed in the last few years with the appearance of poker tournaments on television and other media sources. It is a staple card game for most people being played in many social circles. However, many people still do not know how to play the game. This article will serve as a short guide to help any new players understand and survive their first game of poker. In all various versions of poker the ultimate objective is to be the one with the best hand at the end of the game. The absolute best hand possible in poker is a royal flush. This involves having a ten, jack, queen, king, and ace that are all the same suit (diamonds, clubs, hearts, and spades). This is the ultimate hand but very hard to get. The next highest hand is a straight flush which involves any five numerically sequential cards that are the same suit. Next comes a four of a kind which as the name implies requires having four of the same numbered card. The next highest hand is a full house. This hand involves holding three cards of the same number and two more that are the same of another number. A flush and straight are the next highest hands. The flush involves five cards of the same suit and a straight requires five cards that are numerically sequential. The hands are ones that do not require all five cards to be made. A three of a kind involves three of the same cards. Next is a two pair which involves having two sets of two cards that are the same number, for example two threes and two kings. After a two pair is simply a pair which involves holding two of the same numbered card. The lowest hand is a high card which is simply the one highest card in your hand. The most popular version of poker being played is Texas Hold’em. In this version two cards are given to each player and five community cards are put down. The point of this game is to have the highest poker hand when combining your own two cards with the community hand. The challenge then of course is in making the proper moves based on your own cards, the community cards, and what you think your opposing players may have. In this variation of poker first two players that are designated as the small and big blind will make their bets and the two personal cards will be dealt to each player. Based on your cards you may elect to either play or fold. The minimum bet to play on will be the amount the big blind put in. after this round of betting is complete, the first three community cards will be shown. These three cards are called the “flop”. Another round of betting will ensue and after it is complete one more community card called the “turn” will be shown. The last card to be shown will be the “river” and a final turn of betting will occur. Afterwards each of the remaining players will show their two cards to see who has the best hand. I hope this short guide has given you a slightly better understanding of the workings of a poker game. However, the best way to learn will always be to play the game. So go out and play!

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Poker Rakebacks, Reality or Legend?

Assuming that our readers haven't heard about 'rakebacks' in the past, we should first explain what a 'rake' is all about. A rake is the commission online as well as offline gambling establishments charge for organizing the game. The size of a rake typically stands at 5% of the game's pot, with a maximum limit of $3. Although the amount of the rake for a single game sounds rather insignificant, at the end of the month these amounts really add up to hundreds of dollars. This, of course, de. . .

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