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Slot Machines and Video Poker

Welcome to MonkeysArcades.com, the Best International Gaming Superstore in the World! We provide quality gaming products at unbeatable prices. We carry huge selections of pinball machines, arcade games, jukeboxes, Touchscreen video games, dartboards, billiards, air hockey tables, dome hockey and much more! Monkeys Arcades offers a wide variety of slot machines, cherry masters and video poker machines. Slot machines start as low as $949.00 and video poker games and cherry masters a. . .

Why Gamble Online

Why should a player of any gambling game play it online? First and foremost it is very convenient for a player to sit down at their computer and enjoy a run at a dice table, or try a new blackjack betting strategy live. The best part of all of this is that they can do this at any time they want, day of night. They do not have to be dressed to go outside and they do not have to travel at all. As long as they have a fast Internet connection, the casino world is open to them when they wa. . .

Texas Holdem Secrets Exposed

Winning at Texas Holdem – You Need An Edge – Knowledge is Power!!!! Do you love playing poker? Are you tired of losing? Are You Tired of playing for hours and just winning a little? Hello, My name is Gordon and I’ve been playing poker online for years now. Won some, lost some but never been a consistent winner. In my mind I always thought “well I only play for recreation so I’ll just learn by keep on keeping on.” WRONG! Even for recreation, even playing at free sites, . . .

Online Poker and Poker Bonus Codes

If you like to make money online from the comfort of your own home, then try your hand at poker sometime. The experience can be quite entertaining, and can also reap you substantial profits if you are a good player. There are roughly 2000 plus poker games online that you can try your hand at to win some extra money. The first step for most online casinos is to sign up. Depending on the place, you will receive a fair amount of online poker bonus money to play with when you begin. Bec. . .

Poker Basics

There is no one game or one version of poker. There are many variations of poker that are played. Each variation of poker is usually played with a standard deck of fifty two cards. A standard set of cards consists of thirteen different ranks. The ranks are: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. These cards come in four suits that: Diamonds, Spades, Clubs, Hearts. Some poker games will have a wild or joker card. These games are often times found in private residenci. . .

Poker Tips and Strategy

Many people think that poker is a game of chance or luck. This is often times very far from the truth. Poker is a game that focuses on skill and strategy. To improve your poker game follow the suggestions listed below. When you have a strategy going into a poker game it is very important to set goals the same way you would in life. To be taken serious in poker you need to appear to know what you are doing and to be in control. The first poker strategy to remember is that when you ha. . .

The Gambler

“Care to make a wager?” I said this to a friend during a discussion we were having. He quickly responded that, he was sure that I knew he wasn’t a gambling man. His answer completely took me by surprise. I was utterly stumped. Here was a man, I thought, who reaps the benefits of a democratic, capitalist society and he was saying that he did not gamble. So, I inquired, “What is gambling?” “I just don’t bet and stuff like that,” he responded. My definition of . . .

Online Bingo - Has the game lost its Magic?

As we all know, gambling has become a huge industry on the internet very quickly with pretty much any game in Vegas available to play online. Some Poker sites offer video play with 3D players and the option to change your player’s appearance – you can even go as far to upload an image of your own face to slap onto your character at the table! I’m not writing about poker though - it’s Bingo I have a love for. It all started on a Haven Campsite when I was younger, you know the . . .

Texas Holdem Poker Rules

Texas Holdem poker is a card game that is played on a large table that will seat nine to ten players and a house dealer. The game is similar to seven-card stud with the winner being the player who has the best five-card poker hand. The difference is each player is dealt only two cards and common cards are placed in the center of the table at the rate of three cards, one card, and a final card. There is a round of betting after each dealing of cards. The first round follow the two ca. . .

Texas Hold Em Poker

Texas Hold Em PokerThe popularity of this poker game is bigger than all of Texas. The game of Texas hold em poker is played in casinos, Gentlemen’s clubs, and around kitchen tables all across the United States and in other countries. Texas hold em is unlike many other games of poker because aside from the two cards each individual player begins with from the deck, five communal cards are placed on the table for all players to use.A game of Texas hold em poker usually consists of from tw. . .

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Professional Video Poker Secrets

Video Poker has become extremely popular among those who love card games, in this version of the Poker game, you will be dealt five cards from which you need to build the best possible poker hand. Using your card gaming skills in this game is critical since you have to decide which cards you would like to keep in your hand and which you would like to exchange. A chart is shown on the screen that specifies credits offered for each winning hand arrangement. When playing video poker it is im. . .


Royal Vegas Poker 


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