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Winward Casino, The "Golden Oldie" in Online Casinos and ...

Go to Winward Casino for a truly sophisticated and relaxing experience in online casino games. You even have the option to play for free just as a way to get more familiar with the games offered. Winward Casino offers online players a REAL and exciting online gambling experience in great classic casino games such as American or European Roulette, traditional Table Poker, Craps , Slots games, and much more! The Games Lobby creates an impression of movement, almost as if the lobby room real. . .

Pot Odds

You must know some of the simple mathematical calculations before deciding whether to call a bet or fold. When you need an extra card to get your hand, one of the most important abilities is to figure out the pot odds. In other words, how much is the pot offering, compared to the amount you have to pay. Some basic terms first: Outs – the number of cards left in the deck that will improve your hand. For example: if you hold As 5s and the flop is Ks, 4s, 3h, it seems that you ha. . .

Poker Psychology & Tells - Recognize Player Styles

The style of a play refers to a pattern of actions made by a player. There are two basic style dimensions: passive aggressive and loose tight. These two dimensions create 4 general styles. If we scale the dimensions in a square where 1 is very loose and 9 is very tight as well as 1 for very passive and 9 for very aggressive, the corners of the square represent the most extreme types of players, very loose and very aggressive. Of course, most of the players are located somewhere in t. . .

Advanced Pot Odds Calculations - Implied odds

We have just learned how to calculate the pot odds in order to decide whether to call a bet, but sometimes you must consider other factors. For example: Implied odds – if the player on your right bets and has more money in his stack and you think that if you get your winning card he will pay you after the river, then your odds get a little better. If there are more players behind you and you think that some of them will pay but not raise, your odds are better than the regular calcu. . .

Texas Holdem odds - hand match ups

I’ll present few examples of hands and the odds of each hand of winning, try to guess what the chances of winning are before you read it: 1.Big pair - A pair of aces against Jack ten suited (As, Ah and JTd). The chances now are: 78% and 22% The flop is: Ace of diamond, Queen of spades and 8 of diamonds The chances now are: 60% and 40% The turn is: 2 clubs The chances now are: 70% and 30% 2.Small pair - A pair of five against Ace queen suited (5h, 5d and AQc). The cha. . .

Gambling for deals

When you enter the world of online gambling the most immediate feeling you will have is probably excitement, you will have no time to explore all your available options but go for the first you can see, deposit some money and wish the best of luck to yourself as you throw the virtual dice or check your poker hole-cards for pocket aces. This might be of great fun to you for a while but later on your might notice how all your friends and other peoples who are more experienced earn more mone. . .

Poker Psychology & Tells - The Tight Passive Player (TPP)

Introduction – the tight passive player (a.k.a the “rock”) is the most boring player you can find. You will see fewer players and fewer chips in every pot when there are rocks at the table. You should even consider not playing at all in a table with many rocks, and realize that they don’t give or get any action. It is hard to take their money but since they are very predictable, it is hard to loose money to them. Recognize – sometimes it’s hard to recognize them because t. . .

Gus Hansen launches online poker community

Working exclusively with the international poker superstar and professional high stakes player Gus Hansen, ThePlayr.com is proud to bring you Gus Hansen's unique poker community. At ThePlayr.com you'll find Gus Hansen's Poker Academy – the only place online where the most feared poker player in the world lets you in on his deepest secrets, moves, strategies and poker philosophy. We track Gus Hansen all over the world and give you live reports with a personal touch from Gus him. . .

Paulson Poker Chips

Paulson Poker Chips have been around for many years.  These are the number one poker chips in American.  So what makes these chips more expensive and better then other chips? Well, the fact that almost all the casino's in Las Vegas such as Mirage, Monte Carlo, Treasure Island, and Bellagio just to name a few use these chip.  This is a pure clay poker chip and it's very hard to counterfeit these chips.  Paulson poke chip is not only chip in the market that is pu. . .

The History of Poker Games

Poker has a mysterious past and cannot be definitely traced to a certain point in the history of card playing. It resembles a Persian game, which went by the name of NAS and may have been brought to the states via sailing ships the anchored in New Orleans. French Canadians who came down to New Orleans and helped to settle the city may have also brought poker to New Orleans. From the city of New Orleans, the game traveled up river on the Mississippi as the gambling game of choice on paddle. . .

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Online Roulette - endless source of variety

The emergence of the first online casino paved the way for the development of the most popular casino game in variants people had never imagined When Roulette first stated to gain popularity in France in the 17th century, it was very far from the versions of online Roulette we are now familiar with, and indeed offered little variety. Some claim that the game was brought to France by Dominican monks returning from China. The more popular theory however is that the game was inve. . .


Royal Vegas Poker 


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