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5 Reasons NOT to Cheat at Poker

In a previous article (“Yes, You Can Cheat at Online Poker”), I make the point that cheating is possible when playing poker. That being the case, you are faced with the decision whether or not to do it. My answer to you is NO. I advise you to learn to play properly and to develop your skill so you can win fairly. Do not get caught up in cheating. To help you resist the temptation, here are five reasons why you should not cheat: 1) Cheating is not fair. Don’t scoff at this . . .

Reviews of online poker rooms and sportsbook services for...

The commonsensical reality is that gambling experiences in online poker rooms differ a lot from those in land-based poker rooms. In addition, online poker rooms are likely to come with distinct odds and game strategies. For many of the gamblers, playing poker online is much easier and more advantageous as compared to poker in the traditional setting. Such poker players are successful not because chance is on their side, but because they have a fine perception of the best manner to gamble . . .

Chinese Poker Rules

Hi , thanks for choosing to read this article , in this article I will try to explain to you what is chinese poker and give you some basic overview plus some basic rules . Overview : Chinese poker is one of the well known forms of poker in the country but it’s even more popular in East Asia.It has been standardized for years now and all professional poker players know what exactly to expect once the game starts.There are different kinds of house rules on how to play but the. . .

Multi-table Poker Tournaments and Deal Making at PartyPoker

Multi-table tournaments are the most popular tournaments in the world today. They challenge your poker skills and give you the chance to win big prizes with small wagers. Every multi-table tournament on PartyPoker has a buy-in as well as an entry fee. The buy-in is added to the prize pool, while the entry fee is kept by PartyPoker. The prize pool is the product of the buy-in and the number of participants in a tournament. These tournaments feature many players with several table. . .

The History Of Online Video Poker

Those interested in online video poker might be interested to know that video poker itself actually predates the World Wide Web and the Internet (at least as it exists today) by over twenty years. Poker and its many variants has long been one of the most popular of all casino games of course, and online video poker has brought that venerable form of card play into the computer age. A Short History of Poker No one is quite sure where poker originated, although a similar game, kno. . .

How to Play Omaha Poker

Omaha poker is an exciting variation of poker where each player is dealt 4 cards and they have to make the best poker hand from the other 5 community cards on the table. Each player must use 2 cards from their hand and 3 of the 5 cards from the community. Omaha poker is more complicated than Holdem do to so many more outs and the extra two cards. Before play beings, the player to the left of the dealer must play the small blind and the player to the left of them must play the big b. . .

Bluffing in Texas Holdem

Definition of a bluff – When you are sure that your hand is not the best hand at the showdown, or when your hand has no value before the showdown, and you bet. This is a bluff. When to bluff – If you think you will succeed in making the other players fold in a higher proportion of the situations than the odds the amount in the pot is offering you, you should bluff. For example, if there is $20 in the pot and your bet is $5, if you think that you can take the pot more than 20% of . . .

quitting while you're ahead strategy

I know, I know....how many times have we all been ahead and then we get greedy trying to "win a little more before cashing out" only to lose it all...or worse yet....that darned REVERSE WITHDRAWAL BUTTON! The best piece of advice I learned was when you are ahead and have cashed out at a casino, SIMPLY UNINSTALL THE PROGRAM during the period of time that is required before the casino will submit the withdrawal! i did this the other night at a new casino I tried.....and am so glad I d. . .

Razz Poker - HORSE Poker Introduction Series

Razz Poker: (Also known as "Seven Stud Low") This is article number 4 out of 6 of the "HORSE Poker Introduction Series". Overview: Limit Razz Poker is the 'R' in "h.o.r.s.e" poker, if you know how to play seven card stud then you will be familiar with the game structure. Razz Poker really gained huge popularity in the last few years. I can think of few reasons for that: First: The game is easy to play. Second: The proffessional poker players love it! Third:. . .

Gambling Terms

Every gambler worth a hill of beans needs to understand the lingo of the game. While the gambling world is full of lingo, today I'll present some of the more common and interesting words and phrases you should know. Action - The action is the total amount of money that's wagered. It's also a term that can be used to signify that an amount of money is in play. Ante - This is a poker term that means the amount of money one needs to pony up to get into the action. You'll see it i. . .

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Online Poker Sites and Casinos

Poker is one of the most popular card game played in the casinos. Now it has a virtual counterpart, online poker! It is a version of poker played on the Internet. The reason for this is the sensational increase of poker players all over the world. With the aide of the Internet, the arrival of online casinos, online poker sites and online poker rooms became accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. This event pleased hundreds of die-hard enthusiasts of online poker. . . .


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