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Bundesliga. And we are there. Top international teams such as FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Paris St. Germain, Juventus Turin, Manchester City and FC Chelsea are represented in the Champions League. And we prepare the corresponding betting tips for today & tomorrow. Whether the 2nd Bundesliga or international games, whether World or European championships, we want to prepare our readers as well as possible for all Internet sports betting. At best we are even represented in tennis, ice hockey, basketball and handball. Not only are the best online bets for Germany on our to-do list, but also the odds comparison. This means that you always have the right bookmaker at hand immediately.

Which is the best bookmaker 2020? Where is the highest and fairest betting bonus available? Which bookmaker stands out with its soccer betting app? Our editors are a bunch of football and sports betting crazy people. We would answer these questions for ourselves too. But we would like our community to participate in this knowledge about internet sports betting. In order to offer our visitors a coherent overall picture, we test the sports betting providers independently and according to previously defined standards. In this way we guarantee that our comparisons for sports betting on the Internet meet the high demands of our readers. And strictly speaking, we not only compare the providers and the bonus, but also the odds for the soccer games.

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November 2020 an early onset of winter with snow reaching the flatlands. But can that even be?

When precipitation suddenly falls from the sky, colored blood red, one or the other becomes afraid. These days Germany has to adapt to the so-called blood rain – what is behind it?

What is the weather forecast for the new week? The German Weather Service provides information in the current forecast. Germany faces mixed weather – with a heated ray of light for those plagued by the cold.

After Tief Gisela caused continuous rain and storms in some regions in the past few days, the weather initially calmed down on the weekend. But according to meteorologists, this is only a short break. The next storm is already on its way.

While the USA has more than 1,500 tornadoes a year, the tornadoes occur much less frequently in Germany. But devastating F5 tornadoes are also possible in this country. Weather experts explain.

In view of the current muddy weather in October 2020, some are hoping for the return of golden autumn days – but what does the weather forecast say? Will Germany have a mini-summer in the second half of October?

Deep Gisela soaked herself up over the Mediterranean. Now it is raging over Germany and causing cold and wet autumn weather. The weather service has already issued weather warnings for some regions.

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In the north: cloud fields predominate in the sky. During the day up to 10 degrees and at night 4 degrees. There is almost no wind, only a weak wind blows from the southwest. On Wednesday: sunshine in the blue sky. During the day 13 degrees, at night 6 degrees.

In the west: dry, mixed with sun and clouds. During the day up to 11 degrees, at night 6 degrees. The wind is blowing weakly from the southwest. On Wednesday: Sunshine dominates the sky and is rarely veiled by clouds. During the day 12 degrees, at night 8 degrees.

In the east: some clouds are covering the sun, but it is not raining. During the day up to 12 degrees, at night 4 degrees. A weak wind from the southwest. On Wednesday: The sun shines unhindered. During the day 13 degrees, at night 6 degrees.

In the south: The sun is partly shining under cloudy skies. During the day up to 12 degrees, at night 5 degrees. A weak wind from the southwest. On Wednesday: The sun shines unhindered. During the day 15 degrees, at night 8 degrees. – In the mountains: the sun is seldom seen through thick cloud cover. During the day up to 8 degrees, at night 5 degrees. Weak south-southwest wind. Tomorrow on Wednesday: The weather is determined by glorious sunshine. 10 degrees during the day, 7 degrees at night.

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These football bets are also very good and well founded. Even if there are few events & international football, you will find at least 15 football betting tips per day during the week. At the weekend, however, there are far more Bundesliga preliminary reports, previews of the Premier League and co.

Tennis predictions also play a very important role in our daily search for the best sports betting tips for today. But rather far away from the Grand Slams such as the US Open, Wimbledon, French Open or Australian Open. Because on sites like Foretennis, OLBG and Bettingexpert there are sometimes very interesting tennis tips for today. The focus here is on the ITF Tour. Because some users know the strengths and weaknesses of the unknown players at the Challenger tournaments.

While almost all betting providers adapt the tennis odds like a template, with inside knowledge it is possible to find very lucrative tennis odds for today. In Germany, the betting base for daily tennis tips is particularly recommended. On there is also one or the other tennis forecast. Who is strong on hard? Which set bet makes sense? What is the shape and condition of the players? It is imperative that such questions be considered.

As soon as we find a good tennis forecast for today from the English and German area for you, it will be shared with you.

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Tuesday’s rain is moving northeast, and an intermediate high is making itself felt. In the humid air, sc … offers you everything you need to know about weather and climate. On our website you will find worldwide city and location forecasts for the next 14 days and for the first 7 days in 1-hour time resolution and for the following days in 3-hour time resolution. Weather forecasts, precipitation radar, measured values, weather warnings, weather in Germany and weather news provide information on current developments and the hours and days ahead. With the help of the professional maps you can gain deeper meteorological insights – ideal for all amateur meteorologists, for example. You can find explanatory information on many weather phenomena in our weather lexicon. For allergy sufferers and people sensitive to the weather, we have the current pollen count and bio-weather available. Convertible, barbecue, garden and holiday weather offer useful support in planning leisure activities.

In editorial articles our qualified meteorologists inform you around the clock about everything important and interesting from the world of weather and climate. Of course, moving images should not be missing either, which is why you will always receive the latest weather films as well as exciting reports from Europe and around the world in the Weather TV section.

Our website is not only optimized for desktop use, but also for mobile use. For those who like things to be more compact and without a lot of frills, there is our newly developed iPhone and iPad app.

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So Portugal was the first semi-finalist. In the second round, the Portuguese beat Croatia 1-0 after extra time. Wales faced Belgium in the quarter-finals after both winning their last 16. Northern Ireland was defeated by Wales 0-1 and Belgium won 4-0 against Hungary.

However, Wales won the quarter-finals 3-1, making them the second semi-finalist alongside Portugal. In the third quarter-final game, Germany and Italy met after both won their round of 16 with ease. A thriller! Germany led for a long time until Boateng played the ball unnecessarily with his hand in his own penalty area. It went to penalties, where Germany prevailed 5-6. In the last quarter-finals, France beat the Icelanders 5-2. However, Iceland surprisingly beat England in the round of 16.

The semi-final between Portugal and Wales was quite a one-sided encounter. Portugal prevailed with a sovereign 2-0. Unfortunately, the second semi-final between Germany and France was also relatively one-sided. In the end, France also prevailed 2-0. Thus the final was played between Portugal and France. Ronaldo had to leave the field early due to injury. So the signs all stood for the French. It went 0-0 in the extra time. In the second half of extra time, Portugal scored the decisive 1-0 winner. In any case, Portugal was the first European Championship winner to win their first game in regular time only in the semi-finals. In total, Portugal only won a single game in the entire European Championship in regular time.

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The EM 2016 took place in France and at that time there were a total of six groups with the groups A-F, which played for the entry into the knockout round. In Group A, hosts France prevailed ahead of Switzerland, Albania and Romania with two wins and one draw. In group B it was tighter. Wales prevailed with 6 points ahead of England (5 points), Slovakia (4 points) and Russia (1 point). Group C was, although the German national team was in this group), the most boring group. Germany and Poland prevailed sovereignly, leaving Northern Ireland and Ukraine clearly behind. Group D was won by Croatia with 7 points. Spain finished second.

Thus, Turkey and the Czech Republic were eliminated from the tournament. Italy won Group E tied with Belgium, which secured second place. Ireland and Sweden finished third and fourth in the group. Hungary surprisingly won Group F before Iceland. The later EM winner 2016 Portugal finished third without a win. Austria disappointed all along the line and was eliminated from the tournament with one point as the bottom of the group. Winning the group was therefore not necessary to win the European Championship in the end.

While Poland won against Switzerland in a penalty thriller in the round of 16, they were in the quarter-finals, again on penalties. This time the opponent was Portugal and this time the Poles were defeated and lost the game 3: 5. S.

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com meteorologist Dr. Alexander Hildebrand shown in WELT’s TV studio.

The heavy rainfall on St. Nicholas weekend led to avalanches, mudslides, power outages and traffic chaos in Austria, Italy and Switzerland. The bad news: It’s not over yet, new snow and rain are on the way! Our meteorologist Corinna Borau shows pictures from the crisis areas and looks at the upcoming weather situation in the video.

The new calculations of the weather models, movement in the polar vortex and a farmer’s rule increase the probability of snow at Christmas 2020. Our meteorologist Corinna Borau will bring you up to date in the video.

Next week the temperatures will remain below average. So snow and slippery weather continue to accompany us. After that, however, the highs lie in wait. Our meteorologist Bernd Madlener looks at the 16-day weather trend for Germany until the fourth Advent.

Glaciers are melting, forests are burning, reefs are dying off: climate change is the greatest enemy of world natural heritage sites. This is also shown by a new study by the Nature Conservation Union, which our meteorologist Dr. Alexander Hildebrand explained in more detail in the WELT TV studio. He also placed the year 2020 in the series of the warmest years in Germany.

Severe weather alarm especially in Italy, Austria and Switzerland! There is a risk of massive snowfall on the southern side of the Alps. Chaos with avalanches and snow-covered villages is to be feared. In Italy, flooding from heavy rains must also be expected. Our meteorologist Anna Gröbel looks at the delicate weather situation in the video.

In our picture gallery we have put together the most impressive and spectacular weather pictures from our users for you. Have fun looking through it!

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